Thrills of a Sling shot ride!

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This ride, called the Slingshot, is similar to bungee jumping, but the gondola where riders sit is flung into the air, rather than being dropped off a bridge attached to a giant rubber band.

Slingshots, Image credit

There are two polls that stand up 145 feet into the air and the person is hurled using steel cables and springs. The gondola has lights on it, so at night onlookers can see the thing shooting into the air.

The Slingshot propels riders between two poles. Here the cables suspend Roy Ross and Matt Ward.

The ride is a family affair, Colby Barendregt and his family own tow Slingshots and travel around the country about nine months of the year. Setting the ride at fairs.

Roy Ross and Matt Ward are launched on the Hot Shot Slingshot ride at the Silver Dollar Fair

Its like being launched 220 to 240 feet into the air at up to 6 G’s! In the age of space travel this is the closest thing to a rocket ship that most people will ever get.


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