10 September 2008 | Tests Clear Way for Big Bang Experiment | Large Hadron Collider

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Tests have cleared the way for the start-up next month of an experiment to restage a mini-version underground of the “Big Bang” which created the universe 15 billion years ago, the project chief said on Monday.
Lyn Evans of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) said weekend trials in the vast underground LHC machine in which the particle-smashing experiment will take place over the coming months and years “went without a hitch.“
“We look forward to a resounding success when we make our first attempt to send a beam all the way round the LHC,” said Evans, who heads the multinational team of scientists that shaped the project and the machine, the Large Hadron Collider
The final tests involved pumping a single bunch of energy particles from the project’s accelerator into the 27-km (17-mile) beam pipe of the collider and steering them counter- clockwise around it for about 3 kms (2 miles).
Earlier in the month a clockwise trial in the LHC — which runs deep under French and Swiss territory between the Jura mountains and Lake Geneva — had been equally successful, CERN said.
The LHC team now plans to send a full particle beam all the way around the collider pipe in one direction on September 10 as a prelude to sending beams in both directions and smashing them together later in the year.
That collision, in which both particle clusters will be traveling at the speed of light, will be monitored on computers at CERN and laboratories around the world by scientists looking for, among other things, a particle that made life possible.
The elusive particle, which has been dubbed the Higgs Bosom after Scottish physicist Peter Higgs who first postulated nearly 50 years ago that it must exist, is thought to be the mysterious factor that holds matter together.
Recreating a “Big Bang,” which most scientists believe is the only explanation of an expanding universe, ought to show how stars and planets came together out of the primeval chaos that followed, the CERN team believes.
TIME OF EXPERIMENT – 1:30 a.m. CDT on Wednesday, Sept. 10,2008
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  1. I hope the experiments go well and we do get lots of information about how the universe formed.

    Check out for Big Bang Experiment Large Hadron Collider

  2. […] stars and planets came together out of the primeval chaos that followed, the CERN team believes. (via) TIME OF EXPERIMENT – 1:30 a.m. CDT on Wednesday, Sept. 10,2008 Watch the […]

  3. murimmmm

  4. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me!!!
    Now what? So I´m just supposed to accept, that people that I don´t know, are playing with my sons life… With my life… and the intire population of the world!
    Why didn´t anyone ask ME before they took this decision?
    This could be the last night I have with my family – if I understand the headlines correct? (I know: don´t believe everything you read.)
    I won´t be able to sleep tonight! Thanks…. thanks a lot for scaring me into a panicattac!

  5. what the f**k, playing with god’s power….

    good idea, could end up killing everyone….if this happens i hope the people responsible will burn in the depths of hell after this is done.

    peace and god bless to everyone.

    hope this goes wrong and dosent work.

  6. scientists are big fools with lot of knowledge, if they can only put thier effort and knowledge properly in understanding word of God [Genesis chapter 1 from The Holy Bible] they can really know the mystries of evolution, till then evrything done is mere waste.. May the good God open thier eyes & heart to truth.

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  8. I can’t believe they could be nieve enough to put everyones’ life at risk all for scientific improvement? I thought there was always fun to having a little mystery in the world. This allows people to expand there imginations which is helps people to become happy. I mean you can never know everything in the world and the universe and I say why would you want to? Science has definitely gone out of control why don’t they focus on the worlds problems rather than trying to discover how it was made. We need miracle cures not new problems

  9. There is a saying of Allah in Holly Quaram that world will end only on Doomsday and apparently……there is still a is still a good time left for this day. Also Almighty Allah has said in Quaran that till doomsday, the earth will remain as it is – like it is revolving or rotating under a same axis. so these things like saying world will end are funny things, even modern science also quote the same thing that world will not end by these Mini Big Bang experiments. ALLAH JALASHANAHU… (Allah is Master)

  10. Its great to know that scientists are trying to know something which remain unknown to everyone, No one knows the end of the universe, how big it is, so to know all these what need to be done is a BIG BANG & thats what these people are trying.

  11. Don’t worry people, the media love to use this to scare the pants out of people. Because it brings ratings, it gets simple minded people to talk, it’s business, money.

    The reality about the LHC, as Professor Stephen Hawking said about it, “Collisions at these and greater energies occur millions of times a day in the Earth’s atmosphere, and nothing terrible happens.”

  12. i like this blog, it has jumped to top 100 blog now

  13. […] says it may be the end of the world if it creates a black hole. They’re testing it tomorrow… 10 September 2008 | Tests Clear Way for Big Bang Experiment | Large Hadron Collider World|Informatio… Did anyone happen to read the comments of that article? […]

  14. can everyone learn to spell? someone spelt the word entire, intire

  15. I feel very happy about youur successfull experiment . this hypotesis shows that the scientist in our country pakistan have an ability to compare wiht british and russian and russian scientist, i pray for you to allah to give you some more achievement because you represent muslims as well as pakistan

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