Nokia E72 Review

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Nokia E72 Review

Here’s the Review of Nokia E72, So frequently with upgrades or innovative add-ons to series I have found that not a enormous transaction has been changed about a phone, even if the commence has been fan fared and the price increased. Not so with this new Nokia. They´ve raised the bar quite a few notches in the business phone division and if you´re in the souk for something like this, we couldn´t advise the E72 more highly.

Even though the original E71 has been used for the nuts, bolts and broad looks of the new E72, there´s more changes – and major ones at that – to warrant a good hard second look. The E71 was Nokia´s best ever selling QWERTY-keyboard handset, but as VP of Nokia Ilari Nurmi has been quoted as saying, “Despite the outstanding market performance of the Nokia E71, we still continually look for ways to enhance the device.” And boy have they. Here´s our top ten of the new gadgets, gizmo, go-fasters and gorgeous things on-board:

  1. New optical navigation key for intuitive scrolling and fast panning
  2. Desktop like email experience imported from the E75
  3. Camera upgraded to 5 megapixels (with autofocus and flash)
  4. Top-loading 3.5 mm audio jack added
  5. New IM features allowing you to connect to your current IM accounts (Yahoo, Google, Ovi, etc.)
  6. Faster general performance and internet speeds thanks to upgrades to how the Symbian S60 system runs
  7. A-GPS and compass with integrated Maps
  8. Active noise cancellation helping improve general call quality
  9. Spacebar key-activated torch function
  10. New version of Quickoffice, delivering Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility (along with access to any subsequent upgrades)

Sound impressive? Wait till you see it in action.


Thinner and lighter than most Blackberries out there, the E72 is also a stunning looker of a business phone. Slim at only 10mm thick, the phone still seems incredibly solid and well built with a very metallic feel and great curves, yet the whole package still weighs only 128 grams.

The 2.4-inch display might not be quite as crisp as some other business phones, lacking slightly in the pixel department, but then we feel if you´re choosing a QWERTY-keyboard-based phone, you´re already more than happy to accept that you´re not going to have all0singing, all-dancing 3.8” touch-screen style. This is a business phone, not an entertainment device. Saying that though, the 3.5mm jack is a fantastic addition, and the E72 also features an FM radio, which most other business phones lack.


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