Thrills of a Sling shot ride!

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This ride, called the Slingshot, is similar to bungee jumping, but the gondola where riders sit is flung into the air, rather than being dropped off a bridge attached to a giant rubber band.

Slingshots, Image credit

There are two polls that stand up 145 feet into the air and the person is hurled using steel cables and springs. The gondola has lights on it, so at night onlookers can see the thing shooting into the air.

The Slingshot propels riders between two poles. Here the cables suspend Roy Ross and Matt Ward.

The ride is a family affair, Colby Barendregt and his family own tow Slingshots and travel around the country about nine months of the year. Setting the ride at fairs.

Roy Ross and Matt Ward are launched on the Hot Shot Slingshot ride at the Silver Dollar Fair

Its like being launched 220 to 240 feet into the air at up to 6 G’s! In the age of space travel this is the closest thing to a rocket ship that most people will ever get.


Quench your thirst for thrill in New Zealand!

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New Zealand is just the right place for those who have thirst for thrills and adventure. The activities out here are wide ranging, from some of the world’s best skiing, heli-skiing and snowboarding, to adventure activities such as bungee jumping, flybywire, dam dropping and zorbing.

The Kawarau Bridge Bungee:

Some people call it crazy, but enough find it exciting. The Kawarau Bridge Bungee is the first commercial bungee site in the world. Located a few miles outside Queenstown, it is set in a picturesque valley overlooking the Kawarau River. It’s the only bungee where you can choose to bob above the water, touch it or be fully immersed. No trip to Queenstown in New Zealand would be complete without at least considering a bungee jump!


With a top recorded speed of over 170 kph, FlyByWire is said to be the fastest adventure flight in the world. FlyByWire is a self-drive flying machine which is built of premium grade aircraft material using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques and is powered by a 60 hp aircraft engine. You experience a force of three G’s to weightlessness within a three second interval as it accelerates you.


Image Credit

The machine is suspended from an overhead cable system, which allows it to fly in circles within a spectacular steep-sided canyon. The flight lasts 6 minutes.

Dam Dropping:

Dam Dropping is a form of river surfing, commonly know as river sledging. Through some of New Zealand’s most picturesque river scenery, down the Waingongoro River, under the shadow of Mount Taranaki in New Plymouth, it’s an experience of a lifetime.


Ever wondered what it would feel like to get inside your washing machine on a spin cycle? Try Zorbing! New Zealand offers the opportunity to have a go at zorbing which is a unique, exciting, downhill, adventure experience. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages who don’t mind being strapped inside an enormous clear plastic, air-cushioned ball.


Image Credit

As all the violent bouncing is absorbed by the bigger outer transparent ball, you are quite secure inside the inner capsule. As the ball rolls down a long grass-covered slope, you spin around in a virtual anti-gravity form of weightlessness like an intoxicated space traveler. Liquid-zorbing is a more recent development of this zany downhill roller coaster ride. Two or three buckets of water are added to the mix and you remain unattached to the inner ball like a loose cannon tumbling out of control. Grab the chance to zorb, wet or dry!

– Shantan Nethikar

Bungy Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge: Not for faint hearted…

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I’m sure you won’t believe me if I say that some people love to jump from the bridge you see in the picture above. Now you’ll wonder why anybody would want to jump off a perfectly good bridge but lots of people do and they pay good money for that. It’s the Bloukrans River Bridge that is the highest single span arch bridge in the world and has etched its mark in the Guinness Books of World Records for being the world’s highest commercial bungy jumping venue. At a staggering 216m this is the ultimate bungee experience!

Base jumping in the world’s deepest cave shaft

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How about base jumping into the world’s deepest cave shaft? Yes you’ve guessed it right I’m talking about the Cave of Swallows, a cave that is so deep that it can engulf the Empire State Building. Located in a rain-forest in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, the cave is a 400m vertical shaft and the dream destination of adrenaline junkies. It takes approximately 12 seconds to base jump from the top of the cave but believe me it’s not a sport for the faint hearted. Check out the craziest videos below.

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada: A place where death is an adventure!

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It’s natural people expect their soul to ‘rest in peace’ at least in their death. But whether that truly happens or not is another question. If you happen to visit the Cliffs of Sagada in Phillipines you will be surprised to see to what extent people go to ensure that their souls rest in peace.

You will find hundreds of coffins hanging down the cliffs or jutting out of a rock and these have been around since 2,000 years when you scan the higher areas of the cliff. People carved their own coffins before death and the corpses were smoked to preserve it throughout the 5-day pre-burial feast.

Why did they do this? People probably believed that higher your body is laid the close they are to ‘heaven’ and mountains were held in high esteem those days. Another reason might be to protect the bodies that could have destroyed because of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.

If you just have a look at the surrounding area, you will wonder how they managed to get bring the corpse through such an unpopulated area and manage to settle these coffins that high even when they grieved the loss of their loved one. They probably used ropes to lower the coffins down the cliff or used timber scaffolding to raise the coffin high up.

Have a look at this video of the cliffs and you’ll know that death is really an adventure!

These roads can scare the shit outta you!

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A few people can really imagine the courage it takes to relish the breathtaking scenery of “Death Road”, the only western route into La Paz. Those people who like to think of themselves as brave hearts should challenge “Death Road” in the eye but calling it a challenge is a severe understatement.

– Shantan Nethikar

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